Mike Cain

My name is Mike Cain and this is #MyIDLifeStory.

I joined the Army in 2000 and spent my time stationed in Italy, Fort Hood, Texas and then finally deployed to Iraq on April 1, 2003. Just 4 months later on August 10th, the vehicle I was in blew up in a landmine explosion and I lost my right leg and severely damaged my left leg. I was taken to Walter Reed Hospital where I spent 3-4 years recovering Read More →

Chuck Miller

My name is Chuck Miller and this is #MyIDLifeStory

I am 43 years old and live in Lehigh Acres, Florida with my wife Stacy and our two awesome boys, Charlie and Johnny. One afternoon I saw a post from my longtime friend Dave Tieff about something called IDLife. So I message Dave and I’m like “Dude, what is this IDLife?” He calls me and tells me all about residual income, a science-based health assessment, vitamins that are ...

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Stephanie Kelly

I’m Stephanie Kelly and this is my #MyIDLifeStory.

I wasn’t always overweight. My health was important to me, I ate well and got a lot of exercise and I kept my weight at a healthy number. In June 2002 my father committed suicide. We had a strained relationship at the time and I never got the chance to reach out to him and make things right. Deep down I didn’t feel like I deserved to be healthy, Read More →

Brigida Araud

My name is Brigida Araud and this is #MyIDLifeStory

Great things have been happening with my health & life over the past year and a half thanks to #IDLife. I felt like I was dying physically, emotionally, spirituality & relationally! Sometimes I couldn’t get out of bed to bathe because I couldn’t walk up the stairs. I was so sick that I couldn’t go to my daughter’s wedding because I couldn’t travel to Puerto ...

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Brittney Meyer

I’m Brittney Meyer and this is #MyIDLifeStory

At the beginning of April, I was already working out but not really seeing the results I wanted. A friend of mine introduced me to IDNutrition, customized vitamins specifically for my body and I thought, “Perfect! This takes all the guesswork out for me.” She also gave me some Pre, Post and Energy samples to try. I gave the Pre Workout a try but since I did not get that ...

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Kristin Plum

My name is Kristin Plum and this is #MyIDLifeStory

Prior to IDLife I struggled with my weight for decades. I have probably tried just about every fad diet and “quick fix ” out there. I would see temporary results but would quickly regain what I had lost and then some.

My 50th birthday was rapidly approaching when my eldest son called me asking me to please take my health seriously so that I would be around to see ...

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Cindy DePaoli

My name is Cindy DePaoli and this is #MyIDLifeStory.

I am a 59-year-old wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 6 and a 4-year breast cancer survivor. I have had great results since I began using IDNutrition, customized vitamins. Having a regimen of vitamins customized to my specific health concerns really helped take the guesswork out of what to take when my oncologist, breast surgeon, and radiation doctors were telling me to take supplements to rebuild my bone ...

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Jeff Hamilton

On December 15, 2015 I finally decided to make the change I so desperately needed. Like so many people, I was fighting feelings of guilt and depression that came from a failed marriage, several job changes, a DWI and having to move my family 4 times in 5 years. I felt like I would never have enough money to put my kids through college and I thought retirement would never happen. I was coping with those feelings in negative, self-destructive ...

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Dayman Baker

My name is Dayman Baker & this is #MyIDLifeStory

Fighting the weight battle is not easy. I have been battling weight issues since childhood. I’ve dealt with being made fun of as a kid to being on the “fat boy” program while in the Air Force. Even to this day the ridicule comes at me. I have not been comfortable in my own skin for a very long time. I have been over 300lbs ...

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Chris Tolle

I’m Chris Tolle, and this is #MyIDLifeStory.

In high school, people saw me as the big, fluffy football player but inside I was extremely unhappy. At 270lbs I tried lifting weights a couple times a week and drinking lots of water. I lost a few pounds at first but nothing that I was truly proud of. After graduation I decided that I was going make a change and try something different, so my mother and I joined IDLife and became Associates. ...

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