Kara Johnsen

Over the past 1.5 years, I have been taking IDNutrition, customized vitamins.  I started IDNutrition when I was about 5 months pregnant.  The customized vitamins began filling in the nutritional gaps, causing my body to work in the way it was designed to work.  It was amazing!  From morning sickness to migraines to heartburn, I was amazed that my body was actually working with me, rather than against me.  

Fast forward to 4 weeks postpartum, I ...

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Devona Marshall

My name is Devona Marshall, and this is #MyIDLifeStory.

I first heard about IDLife from a friend of my family. My Dad became an Associate and I saw his personal testimony and how passionate he was about IDLife. I joined as well to help him out but with no serious motivation. I never really had any serious health issues so I thought there was nothing that IDLife could offer me. However, I learned through being a part ...

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Kat Webb

My name is Kat Webb, and this is #MyIDLifeStory.

In college, I played on the first women’s soccer team at SMU and have been a coach ever since my days as a player. Like most of us, I have a very busy schedule and typically juggle many (soccer) balls at once. Haha 🙂 I am a mom, wife, and IDLife Managing Director and I coach several youth soccer ...

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Ginamarie Mazzaro

My name is Ginamarie Mazzaro, and I will never stop telling #MyIDLifeStory about how IDLife has changed my life.

These medical canisters pictured, (cobwebs and all), contain a few months’ worth of empty syringes that were once filled with medication that required being injected weekly into my stomach. This was just one of the many toxic medications I had to use to sustain my life. Looking at these canisters now makes me cringe. It brings me back ...

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Jennifer Casey

My name is Jennifer Casey, and is #MyIDLifeStory.

My weight loss journey began back in November 2010 when I weighed in at 220lbs. I joined Weight Watchers and had some success initially, however, I knew I needed to do more. I started going to Zumba and Body Combat classes as well. I really enjoyed going to the classes and I was finally getting close to my goal weight.

Then suddenly my weight loss stopped; I hit a plateau. ...

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Joshua Chestnut

My name is Joshua Chestnut & this is #MyIDLifeStory.

I have always been one of the hardest workers in my local gym and have had gains over the years. I was able to put on 40+ lbs of muscle since 2011 when I began working out. Nutrition has always been intimidating to me. So I started taking my IDNutrition (customized vitamins) on November 20th 2015. I’m not sure that my words will be able to compete with ...

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Megan McDonald

My Name is Megan McDonald and this is #MyIDLifeStory.

I was slightly overweight my whole life. No matter how well I ate or how active I was, I always had a few extra pounds hanging around. It wasn’t until I started taking IDNutrition (customized vitamins) that my body finally started to get the nutrients it needed and the weight started to come off. I began to have more confidence and felt better then I ever have before.

I ...

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Julie Bermea

My name is Julie Bermea and this is #MyIDLifeStory

For most of my adult life I maintained high standards of fitness and physical appearance as an Active Duty Army Soldier for over 22 years. Upon retiring from active duty in October 2013, I stopped working out regularly and put on quite a bit of weight. I noticed that my weight gain started affecting my ability to sleep restfully, I started to snore and was soon diagnosed with ...

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Bob Willard

My name is Bob Willard & this is #MyIDLifeStory

As a US Marine, I always had to be physically fit. When I retired in Nov of 2013, I weighed 190 lbs. It was nice being able to relax and not have to worry about being within height and weight standards anymore. I honestly didn’t realize how much weight I had put on since retirement until I started my 28 Day IDTransformation. When I jumped on the scale ...

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