My Story: Kevin Trainor

My name is Kevin Trainor and this is My IDLife Story. 

I’m a medically retired (100% disabled) former Navy Helicopter Combat Search and Rescue Swimmer. Without my Service Dog, a German Shepard named Luca, relatively simple day to day activities would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish.

Recently, after my cervical fusion of C4/5/6, I found myself relatively pain free, except for the actual surgical area, for the first time in almost ten years. I posted something about my recovery ...

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My Story: Osiel Torres



My IDLife Experience has been great. Ever since starting IDLife and changing my lifestyle choices, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel better overall. I am glad I found IDLife. After this month’s challenge I have lost 18 lbs.!

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My Story: Ross Love



I have been a Personal Trainer for 14 years. I used to compete in STRONGMAN competitions against some of the strongest men in the world. In the process, I absolutely destroyed my body, mainly my back. I work long days and workout when I can. I struggle with motivation because I am not the athlete I once was. It absolutely makes it ...

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My Story: Anthony Felix



I lost 23.6 lbs! It’s never too late to change your life around, believe in yourself, and you can make a better and healthier lifestyle for yourself. I am determined and committed, even though I have bad days I snap out of it and put my goals first.

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My Story: Lori Healy



I have lost 15 pounds and 2 inches. I have set and achieved several exercise milestones during the last month. The biggest victory was seeing my kids (12&17) make healthier food choices daily as a result of my actions! That made it all worth it and will motivate me to continue!

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My Story: Lisa Cronin



My progress plateaued about a year ago, so when I started this journey at the beginning of May I was not optimistic I would show a scale victory at the end. I was surprised when I did and this has made me even more excited to continue this journey. I’ve let the small victories keep me going and feeling better. I’ve realized ...

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My Story: Sarah Canaday



I miscarried at 17 weeks in February. His complicated birth wreaked havoc on my body and recovery was very difficult. A friend encouraged me to join the IDX. Now, I’m at the gym 6 days a week, my doctor lowered my thyroid medication, and I’m no longer taking over the counter medication to sleep! I’m so grateful for IDLife, my trainer and ...

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