My Story: Kevin Trainor

My name is Kevin Trainor and this is My IDLife Story. 

I’m a medically retired (100% disabled) former Navy Helicopter Combat Search and Rescue Swimmer. Without my Service Dog, a German Shepard named Luca, relatively simple day to day activities would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish.

Recently, after my cervical fusion of C4/5/6, I found myself relatively pain free, except for the actual surgical area, for the first time in almost ten years. I posted something about my recovery on Facebook and a fellow former Rescue Swimmer, IDLife Executive Director Todd McVay, reached out and offered to help with my recovery goals. We spoke about a litany of topics, primarily mental and physical health.

I was taking seven different medication for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and many other physical “ailments.” He asked if he could put me in touch with his Nutritional Therapist, Leanna Cappucci, who also turned out to be an Executive Director with IDLife, and I gladly accepted. Todd didn’t even bother to mention he was sending me a large cross-section of IDLife samples, including those Sleep Strips, a really nice surprise that got me kick-started on my healing journey.

Once Leanna and I finally managed to synchronize our schedules, she got me laser-focused on my health and what I wanted to accomplish. What was concerning to Leanna and I was the amount of medications that I was on for my PTSD, cholesterol control (statins), and pain management.

I told Leanna my goals and what timeframe (one whole year) I was thinking for achieving them. Leanna helped me get setup with my IDNutrition, Shake, Hydrate, and the much-loved Sleep Strips. When I received the shipment, I opened it like a 10-year old at Christmas.

I started a walking regimen. I did not have a distance in mind, rather more of a pain threshold that I could manage. I had not walked, hiked, run or any other conditioning because of the amount of pain I was in for a very long time. On that first day, I managed to walk 1.8 miles in 41 minutes at a pace of 22:45 per mile, and I was spent. Fast forward to this morning when I completed my average hike of 4.2 miles, in 1.3 hours, at a pace of 20:37 per mile. I have hiked and rucked at this point 145.7 total miles. If you had told me when I started this journey that I’d have advanced this far this fast, I would have laughed.

Through exercise, proper nutrition, and IDLife supplements, my doctor had me stop all medications for pain management, all my cholesterol medications and I am down to only one mental health medication. The many over-the-counter sleep medications I was taking have all been replaced by the IDLife Sleep Strips.

Although I still have a long way to go, I am utterly amazed at my turnaround. I’ve lost over 30 pounds since I started this IDLife journey. I’m accomplishing my goals so much faster than I’ve thought possible, and I’ve had to continually create new ones. I no longer have to worry about my weight, as I’m much more focused on optimum health and the excess fat loss is a natural side effect. By making eating right a part of my daily norm, I don’t have to worry about enjoying special occasion treats, as now they are few and far between.


My Why:

Fellow Navy Rescue Swimmer Bobby Walker lost his battle with PTSD two years ago.   I missed the phone call that might have saved his life. The voicemail was heartbreaking.

Almost every day, Luca, my service dog, and I go out for a ruck and stop at our planned halfway point to water Luca and I pray. During one of these sessions, I decided I would get strong enough to backpack 25 miles on the Appalachian trail over two days to raise enough money to purchase a certified service dog for another veteran. I found an extremely reputable dog trainer who develops German Shepherd and Belgium Malinois dogs specifically for veterans and active duty members. Every penny I raise goes to the $15,000 cost to purchase and train one of these dogs for a veteran.

Because of IDLife products, the nutritional advice I’ve received from Leanna Cappucci, and my health goals, I’m not having to wait a year to get my life back. On July 22, 2017, Luca and I are backpacking 25 miles to begin raising the money to buy a service dog for a veteran in honor of Chief Petty Officer Bobby Walker.